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Gorilla promotes organic waste composting at both the institutional and individual levels. Gorilla purchased a Big Hanna T240 industrial bioreactor (composter), which was installed on May 29, 2010. It processes organic waste generated at cafeterias across McGill University. The project was spearheaded by former coordinator David Gray-Donald (B.A. & Sc. '10).

Gorilla Composting is currently seeking motivated volunteers to coordinate special initiatives (see them listed below). If you are interested in getting involved, email!

Coffee cup composting pilot project
Lots of coffee cups at McGill can actually be composted! Any "Ecotainer" cups can be composted in the Big Hanna composter, but unfortunately there is no system in place for collection of coffee cups at McGill. That's why GC is looking to start a pilot project for compostable coffee cups and soup bowls. Email with the words "coffee cup composting" in the subject if you are interested in coordinating this project.

Worm swap/vermicomposting project
McGill needs a worm swap! This project will require significant planning and funding, as well as people-power. If you want a worm swap at McGill, email with "Worm Swap" in the subject.



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